Chemsex, a dangerous way to practice sex

Chemsex, a dangerous way to practice sex

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The chemsex is a sex game that has its origin in England. However, this game has important risks to the health of those who practice it, so here we explain in depth what it is.


  • 1 What is chemsex?
  • 2 Psychological effects of chemsex
  • 3 Physiological effects of chemsex
  • 4 Can it be prevented?

What is chemsex?

The chemsex originated in the culture Underground from England and, little by little, its use was spreading through central Europe, finally reaching our country, where it is an increasingly known practice.

According to a study carried out in England, the 'The Chemsex Study', in the last five years, one fifth of young Britons had participated in this practice, and one tenth in recent weeks, which suggests the rapid spread of this phenomenon.

This cultural phenomenon carries significant risks to the health of young people who practice it because, as the name implies, chemsex (chemical + sex) Consists of the mix of promiscuous sex with drug use.

The drugs used in chemsex are synthetic drugs, so that its effects greatly modify the behavior of those who consume them, causing them to often practice sex without any protection.

The objective that is sought with the use of these drugs is that those involved in the practice of chemsex can have sex for up to 76 hours in a row due to the effects of ecstasy they experience thanks to the drugs consumed.

This entails a high risk of occurrence of sexually transmitted diseases since, in addition, chemsex is practiced with large groups of people, giving way to practices such as orgies in which young people do not have any type of inhibition due to drug use.

As for the causes of this phenomenon, various psychological studies have shown that chemsex is mostly practiced by young people with low self-esteem, who attend large events like this one so as not to feel self-conscious when it comes to sexual relations with other people.

Likewise, many young people who have already practiced this game ensure that drug use helps them, in addition to managing low self-esteem, to deal with the fear of the spread of AIDS and even homophobia.

In addition, the practice of this game is usually associated with the collective known as gay or LGBT, although its practice also occurs among heterosexuals. Therefore, it is a phenomenon that extends among young people of any sexual orientation.

Psychological effects of chemsex

Between the most used drugs for chemsex we found the hydroxybutyrate (GHB), the butirolactiona (GBL), the mephedrone and the crystal methamphetamine, sometimes getting to combine all of them to cause an effect of extreme ecstasy.

According to British Medical Journal, a prestigious means of the English health sector, the practice of chemsex carries various psychological consequences for its practitioners, mainly due to the consumption of the drugs that we have already mentioned.

Among the most devastating effects of these drugs, the feeling of euphoria and sexual attraction that consumers experience due to the increased heart rate they cause.

Likewise, its disinhibitory effects in addition to analgesics, which causes the practice of sex irresponsibly due to changes in behavior suffered by those who consume them.

Physiological effects of chemsex

The consumption of synthetic drugs used in chemsex has devastating effects on the body, since these have the ability to keep the individual awake up to 76 hours in a row without needing to eat food or water.

As a consequence, these drugs create a physiological dependence which makes those who consume them base their relationships on mere sexual desire, which leads to a deterioration of the emotional relationships.

In addition, as we have already mentioned, chemsex entails a high risk of transmission of sexual diseases, such as AIDS or hepatitis C, since the exchange of partners during the night is constant and sex is usually practiced without any protection.

Can it be prevented?

The prevention of this type of macro events is very important but, precisely because of the summons of this game and the large number of people involved in it, It is a very difficult phenomenon to control.

On the other hand, the places where chemsex takes place are usually private houses, so the call is not public, but it is done through social networks to which the authorities do not have access.

However, they are currently being carried out. prevention and awareness programs about the dangers of this phenomenon as well as assistance programs for those affected by this phenomenon.

Chemsex is a new sexual practice that is performed with drug use, which has important physical, psychological and even emotional consequences for those who practice it.


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