4 tips to overcome jealousy in a relationship

4 tips to overcome jealousy in a relationship

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Couple love is sometimes seriously transformed negatively by several factors, one of them can be jealousy, sadly this creates certain beliefs or erroneous mental representations of the dynamics of an affective relationship. For this reason today we will talk about 4 ways to overcome jealousy in a relationship.


  • 1 Take the first step, recognize your problem
  • 2 Learn to trust yourself
  • 3 Learn to trust your partner
  • 4 Analyze the situation (or situations) that your jealousy produces

Take the first step, recognize your problem

As well as in substance and / or behavioral addictions A person with jealousy must show a real motivation for change, through recognizing that he has a problem; that is, to accept what have been the personal, family and affective implications that your jealous behaviors have had with your partner.

The person must identify to what extent he can resolve with the help of his family and partner, to identify at the level of thought, emotions and behaviors that it does not work well and is harming itself and / or its environment. This will be done if you are able to recognize what has failed, showing that you really care about your partner.

Learn to trust yourself

A person, whether a man or a woman who shows jealousy in a relationship, presents inappropriate and maladaptive behaviors due to the sum between: low self-esteem and emotional insecurity. If you ask a person who tends to be jealous with his partner about his past there will surely be some episode of abandonment or deceptive love, probably in a past relationship he trusted and got hurt. Such situations produce in some people the negative perception towards themselves, expressed in guilt, anger and prevention (or mistrust) especially in future relationships that you have.

Let's remember something important at this point, nobody has a perfect life and Everything that happens to us, both positive and negative, is an opportunity to learn something new and grow as a person in one or more aspects. When a person learns to adopt this philosophy of life, he lives free of resentment and hatred, reflected in self-confidence and this will be noticed favorably in different contexts (eg Family, social, emotional, work, others).

Learn to trust your partner

As they say in popular wisdom "a relationship is a matter of two," for that reason it is called a couple that comes from the word "couple" and refers to a specific number of objects (which can be those that end in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10). For that reason a couple relationship is not only something of 2 because that is the total number of people who make up a relationship, but also because of the fact that for both good and bad they must learn to solve positively with the participation of both people.

Trust is a basic and key pillar, therefore you have to learn to trust each other, many to read this will ask: yes but how do I do that? Well, trust is gradually gained, it is like a building that begins with small bricks and then becomes a strong, powerful and beautiful structure; Likewise, a relationship is not a matter of power or control, but a decision in which each one learns to know the other and from there know what their feelings are and express them to the other in a healthy and respectful way.

Analyze the situation (or situations) that cause your jealousy

A healthy way to overcome jealousy in a relationship is to perform the following exercise: Suppose you are jealous that your partner attends a company party, should you ask yourself what she feels for me? Why do you attend that party? Did you tell me that I would go or did I find out about someone else? And so on the idea is that you yourself are solving the questions in a way that allows you to be aware that your jealousy is a pathological manifestation of wanting to control your partner.

Keep something in mind, one thing is to assume that something is happening and another is to know that it is. Then you must analyze in detail how far you are seeing the real situation and from what part you are feeding a lie, distorting reality. So you do a thorough review of the circumstances.

In conclusion…

The relationship should add to life not subtract causing pain and suffering. Let's learn to learn from the bad and enjoy the good in each situation.


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