Too much coffee?

Too much coffee?

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Some friends are left to drink coffee, for some of them this coffee will not be the last:

  • Jan is served three times as many tablespoons of sugar as the person who drinks 4 cups.
  • Three people, including the one who uses 4 tablespoons, do not put milk in the coffee.
  • He who drinks a cup a day (which is not Max) drinks his coffee without sugar.
  • Doris puts sugar and milk.
  • Max, who does not drink milk, is served half a tablespoon of sugar than the person who drinks twice a day what he drinks.
  • Boris drinks two cups more than Jan, but Jan is served two tablespoons of sugar more than Boris.

How many coffees does each person drink per day (1,4,5,6,8)? How many tablespoons of sugar are thrown (1,2,4,6)? and who gets milk?


Max drinks 4 cups, 2 tablespoons of sugar and no milk.
Doris drinks 5 cups, 1 tablespoons of sugar and with milk.
Jan drinks 6 cups, 6 tablespoons of sugar and with milk.
Boris drinks 8 cups, 4 tablespoons of sugar and no milk.
The fifth person drinks 1 cup, without sugar and without milk.


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