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What is self-massage?

We can understand the self-massage where each person applies it to their form and seems as properly speaking the word AUTO. Therefore, like the general massage, this will serve as a prevention and cure among others, such as migraine pain, or of course a tension accumulated in the neck area.

In fact many tensions that we usually have are in that area and through a simple massage we can combat it. If we observe ourselves having this ailment, we reach out to that area. And therefore this self-reflection has to have a meaning.

But we must keep in mind that self-massage must be well applied, otherwise it will have no effect on our body. We must learn to be patient when caring for our body.

By this we mean for example to adapt the environment among other factors, such as being silent and ensuring that nobody and nothing disturb our moment. We should relax as much as possible with factors such as: tranquility, soft light, and disconnect the phone for example.

When we are ready you have to go undressing to leave the shoulder area outdoors, collect your hair in case you have it long and apply a cream on your hands if they are dry. Preferably we will do the seated maneuvers. Remember that these maneuvers should be slow and in time with the breath.

Phases of self-massage

  1. We will begin the massage in the area of ​​the face. We will press gently with the tip of the fingers of the skull. It is understood that each hand on each side of the skull. What we call the temples, following the same step with the contour of the ears, and the forehead. We will repeat this maneuver several times.
  2. We will eliminate the accumulated tension of the neck and the shoulder area by giving a massage with movements in a circle with the tip always of the fingers. Remember that we can also massage the forehead and temples if we have severe headaches.
  3. We will place the palms of the hands on the shoulder area and massage this going to the neck towards the shoulders. We will take into account that the region that joins the head with the body is usually a tension zone as a rule. We will not wait to be too tense to deal with this area. We will do it for preventive purposes, often.
  4. Now we will exert a slight pressure with the right hand on the shoulder muscles, in this case the left shoulder, massaging deeply from the inside of the shoulder to the outside. Then we will do the same with the other hand and with the other shoulder, that is the right.
  5. The fifth step will be based on using the fingertips to massage the forehead and temples, until you reach the cheek area. And then by the contour of the lips, making slight and small movements in a circle to relax the mouth.



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