Are you productive Check your excuses!

Are you productive Check your excuses!

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Unproductive personality

In the current times, the most important thing for anyone who participates or manages a business is the productivity. Today, we talk about most common excuses for not being productive, and how can you cope with them.


  • 1 I will not do a good job
  • 2 They will not thank my contribution
  • 3 I don't get any direct profit
  • 4 That is not my job

I will not do a good job

One of the most frequent excuses for not doing a job (usually one that could allow you a promotion) is that you will not be able to do a good job. Surely you have used this excuse, even if you have not used it directly with your boss.

On many occasions, this excuse is used when arriving home and explaining to your partner that they have offered you a position of more responsibility, or when they have commissioned a project a little more complicated than the previous ones.

This excuse is easy to solve: You don't have to do a good job..

Surprised? Obviously, you have to do the best that is in your hand, as well as you can. But your superiors already have the first time you do a new job, you are not going to do it as someone with ten years of experience.

Therefore, the first excuse is disarmed.

They will not thank my contribution

Another quite common excuse is that they will not appreciate your input. Obviously, we talk about bosses. And we talk about situations in which you can think of an idea that could be positive for the company, but that is not directly related to your work.

For example, you can be working on a machine and detect that, with a small arrangement on the machine, you can increase the speed at which the machine works (it is a simple example, there are a thousand more examples of this type).

There are two types of people: Those who at the end of the day go to the boss's office and explain it, and those who do not. And, indeed, they may not appreciate your contribution and do not value it. That is not in your hand.

In fact, your idea may be a bad idea. But do you know what they will appreciate? Your proactivity, and the fact that you have an interest in improving the company. So there is no excuse here either.

I don't get any direct profit

This is one of the great evils in Hispanic countries. If we do not take direct advantage, we do nothing. And it is convenient to change the chip, because most of the acts that will generate us profit, do not generate it directly.

If you can do a job that improves your company's productivity (for example, by giving ideas to improve a productive process, as I mentioned before), you may not receive anything directly, but the company will be more productive.

And, when a company improves its productivity, it grows, can increase salaries and hire more people. Therefore, maybe that proactive attitude Do not generate profit in the moment, but it will in the long term.

So there is no excuse here.

That's not my job

This excuse comes from a false idea of ​​what a company is. Many workers conceive the company as a place where one is hired for a job and should not leave that job, because they do not get paid for it.

It is an idea that the company is made to benefit the boss and not all the workers who participate in it. And this idea is wrong.

What is a company is a group of people collaborating to carry forward a business project. The boss and the worker are collaborating, and so it must be understood for a company to function properly.

Therefore, your job is any job that can improve the company, because your job is for the company to prosper. You must act as if the company were yours.

In fact, Amancio Ortega, when he started with his textile empire and only had a couple of stores, already managed the company as the head of everything. But if one day the thing was not going at the rate it should, I went down to the workshop to fold shirts with the other workers.

If the richest man in the world left "his job" to do something that "was not his job," how can you not do it? There is no excuse here either.

As you can see, there are multitude of excuses to be unproductive or postpone tasks, and what needs to be done is to fight them with as much force as possible. There is no possible excuse. Lamenting the office is not an option.


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