How to manage hyperactivity in children with ADHD

How to manage hyperactivity in children with ADHD

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  • 1 Hyperactivity in children
  • 2 Have a clear understanding of hyperactivity
  • 3 Find alternatives
  • 4 Create a greater commitment
  • 5 Ignore hyperactivity
  • 6 Get rid of excess energy

Hyperactivity in children

Hyperactivity in children with ADHD is very difficult to manage, something that their parents already know firsthand, as well as the teachers who have them in the classroom.

Children with ADHD are very energetic and in continuous movement.

For example, they are children who instead of sitting at their desk, can get up from the seat several times to sharpen their pencil. Instead of sitting at the table to eat, they can walk around it or go play with the pet, in short, anything but stand still.

This physical hyperactivity is not the only concern. Hyperactive children also experience a real brainstorm that invades them, many times unconnected. "The idea of ​​'closing their minds' is a strange concept for someone who is hyperactive," according to Roberto Olivardia, a clinical psychologist and professor in the department of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

Due to their hyperactivity, children with ADHD may have difficulties in school, where having to remain seated is not negotiable. "These children can miss much of what is taught, simply because their brains are not so attentive when they are in the classroom," Olivardia said. However, as he says, "Perhaps the current configuration of the school, of sitting for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, is the real problem."

They may also experience social problems, as more accidents and injuries can occur if the child engages in reckless activities in order to consume a little of that energy they possess.

Raising a child who is hyperactive is really tiring. Here are some tips:

Have a clear understanding of hyperactivity

Being hyperactive is not the same as misbehaving. To understand it a little better, Olivardia has made the following analogy: "It's like feeling an intense itching and not being able to scratch. Even if you don't scratch, you feel distracted by wanting to do it." That's why, in addition to educating the child hyperactive, it is convenient to educate the parents and guardians who are with him.

Find alternatives

This concern actually helps children focus and, paradoxically, reduces motor hyperactivity.. Olivardia describes the links between her concern and her ability to focus attention. That is why it suggests the search for other ways to worry, such as chewing gum or having an object to manipulate.

Create a greater commitment

Children with ADHD tend to be more engaged when they are on the move, even a little, instead of sitting still. Teachers and tutors should consider being more creative in this regard, especially with these children.

Ignore hyperactivity

"Sometimes the best solution is simply to ignore it," says Olivardia. For example, when your child is having dinner at home, if he is eating his food and does not behave badly, let him stand or walk around the table, he said.

Get rid of excess energy

"You can burn a bit of hyperactivity by allowing the child to be more active before having to sit still," says Olivardia.

The important thing is not to fight hyperactivity by telling your child to stop being restless, to be still or to remain seated.. In fact, "Simply saying sit down 'can be invalidating and lead to problems of self-esteem in children with ADHD," he continues. Instead, help your child channel their excess energy.

In addition, "Remember that this same type of energy, which can be very difficult to manage as a parent or teacher when children are younger, is the same type of energy that can contribute to incredible things as an adult," says Olivardia. Many entrepreneurs were diagnosed with ADHD in childhood, and today, they use their energy to generate exciting ideas and run successful companies.

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