Interview with Úrsula Perona, child and forensic child psychologist

Interview with Úrsula Perona, child and forensic child psychologist

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Úrsula Perona

An interview is always a challenge and more when it is done to a great professional in the field of psychology as Úrsula Perona. Possibly a great promise in this sector to which we greatly appreciate your time and dedication to this interview.

First Úrsula thank you for your attention and time. We would like first to thank you for your collaboration on our channel YouTube (Psychoactive) where we have the great pleasure of learning a lot in your videos. We start if you think the interview.

I am delighted to be able to give you this interview so that our readers can get to know you and your work better.

First of all I wanted to ask you, why did you decide to study Psychology and what drove you to it? If you had not been a psychologist you would have dedicated yourself and why?

If I had not been a psychologist, I suppose I would have been a doctor. My vocation towards the field of health and helping others is very strong.

What area of ​​psychology are you specialized in?

I specialize in juvenile clinical psychology, and forensic psychology.

What does Child Psychology have that other branches of psychology don't have to get you hooked?

It was very vocational, I was clear from the beginning. I like children, dealing with them, everything related to childhood arouses a lot of interest and tenderness. In the field of child psychopathology, it seems to me a challenge: a child cannot express what happens to him as an adult, his emotional world is complex and immature, and at the same time there is great potential in each child that does develop properly. , you can report happiness and well-being as an adult. On the contrary, if the needs of childhood are neglected, the sequels will also mark the personality forever.

As a psychologist specializing in Child Psychology, how can you help parents and children?

Of course, in everything that involves evaluating and treating the psychological problems and difficulties of childhood, which means working with the child at a therapeutic level. Help parents understand what happens to their child and how they can help and accompany him to solve his difficulties or improve as much as possible. Parents of children with serious problems, such as autism spectrum disorders, psychosis, ADHD or behavioral problems, need a lot of support and guidance.

What is the syndrome or childhood disorder that you have treated most in your career?

I think that behavioral disorders would be at the top, since they also cover a wide age range. I would be followed by attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which I also like very much and about which I have studied a lot. Behind developmental disorders and other problems: anxiety, phobias, victims of bullying, victims of abuse ...

What services do you offer? I think you teach courses, you also do conferences, consult ...

Well, from our center in Alicante we offer a wide range of services related both to clinical care, as well as to the educational and informative part. We do parents' schools, specific workshops on various topics: behavior, food, sleep ... also courses for children and adolescents to help them with social skills, test anxiety and many other things.

What would you like to do in Psychology that you still have not been able to do?

I would like more time to be able to launch a psychological help project for people without resources. A foundation that could serve so many people who cannot afford access to psychological therapy and who need it.

I also have pending writing a book.

In your videos we learn a lot and you have a lot of followers, but do you have any favorite videos? Why?

Well, I don't usually watch my videos once I make them. Maybe I have special love for the video I made for you about Depression, because I still have many visits and many comments come to me in the sense that people feel identified and understood, which is very necessary when a person is suffering.

We would like our readers to comment briefly, how can psychology help us?

Psychology remains the great unknown within the health sciences. It raises concerns, fears, prejudices ... nobody has a problem saying that it goes to the physiotherapist, or the doctor. However, going to the psychologist ... mmm ... is something else.

Psychology not only helps people who are suffering from a pathology, but of course, but also people who want to know each other better, learn to relate in a more appropriate way, or simply, start a path of personal development that can be very enriching . We spend so much time and resources taking care of ourselves outside, for example, and forgetting to take care of our mind and soul, that in the end, it really is what we are.

Could you tell us an event that you have prepared, conference or upcoming news to be aware of your work?

Now I finish teaching at the university, and there comes a time of talks and conferences in schools, associations, etc. The clinical practice, the consultation, is a constant, but according to times I can devote a little more to the informative work that I like a lot.

A project that I have in mind is to write a book, but I still don't have a start date ...

Well, Ursula, thank you very much for your collaboration and especially for your great professionalism, we are waiting for a long time enjoying your teaching and advice as a health professional.

Thank you always for supporting me and believing in me. For the great confidence you have placed in me and for giving me the possibility of reaching so many people through your channel. You do a great informative work of psychology. The pleasure is mine.

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Interview conducted by David Álvarez


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