What gloves to wear?

What gloves to wear?

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The truth is that I love leather gloves. So much so that I have a drawer full of them on the nightstand. I have 15 pairs in total of which the majority are black and only 2 pairs are red.

Sometimes in the morning when I get up, still with the light off I take several of the drawer in the hope that they are the same color and I can put them on although I don't always get it.

Do you know how many gloves I have to take at least, without looking, to make sure I have a pair of the same color to wear?


Unlike the problem of socks, in the case of gloves we have differences between the glove for the right hand and the one for the left hand so it is necessary to remove 16 gloves since in the worst case we could take out the 13 gloves of the same hand and of black color, the 2 gloves of the same hand and of red color and finally the glove number 16 should necessarily be the pair of any of those who we have.


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