50 phrases by René Descartes

50 phrases by René Descartes

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Descartes phrases

Rene Descartes (1596-1650) was considered the first man modern by your thought It belonged to the French nobility. He was very interested in mathematics, science and philosophy. He is spoken of as the father of analytical geometry and modern philosophy. That is why today we wanted to bring you the best Descartes phrases in this post.

Descartes "solved" this problem by reformulating the teachings of Thomas Aquinas, approaching the importance of free will, and asserting that while it is true that the body operates largely as a machine, the mind belongs to the soul, and is not subject to the laws of cause and effect. This is the doctrine of dualism, for which body and mind are clearly defined substances.

He postulated as a corollary the doctrine of interactionism, according to which body and mind in fact influence each other to some extent.

Famous Descartes phrases

The main perfection of man is to have free will, which is what makes him worthy of praise or censorship.

True intelligence consists in discovering the intelligence of others.

I would give everything I know for half of what I ignore.

There is nothing that is entirely in our power other than our thoughts.

The good we have done gives us an inner satisfaction that is the sweetest of all passions.

When someone has offended me I try to raise my soul very high, so that the offense does not reach it.

Reason or judgment is the only thing that makes us men and distinguishes us from animals.

They say that the monkey is so intelligent that it does not speak so that they do not make it work.

The little I have learned is worthless, compared to what I ignore and I do not despair in learning.

I think, then I exist.

Reading a book teaches more than talking to its author, because the author, in the book, has only put his best thoughts.

I don't even want to know if there was another man before me.

Many times it happens that there is not so much perfection in the works composed of several pieces and made by the hands of many teachers, as in those in which one has only worked.

If it is not in our power to discern the best opinions, we must follow the most likely.

Never accept as true a thing if it is obviously not for you. That is: avoid precipitation.

To live without philosophizing is, properly, having your eyes closed, without trying to ever open them.

It is better to modify our desires than the ordination of the world.

Bad books cause bad habits and bad habits cause good books.

Being incapable of enthusiasm is a sign of mediocrity.

Divide the difficulties you examine in as many parts as possible for your best solution.

It is prudent not to trust entirely those who have deceived us once.

Sleep me or be awake, two plus three will always be five, and the square will have no more than four sides.

It should be borne in mind that many beliefs are based on prejudice and tradition.

To investigate the truth it is necessary to doubt, as far as possible, of all things, once in a lifetime.

Two things contribute to progress: go faster than the others or go the right way.

There is no spirit, however foolish and rude, unable to acquire the highest virtues if it is conducted as necessary.

Feeling is nothing but thinking.

Better than seeking truth without a method is never thinking about it, because disorderly studies and dark meditations disturb the natural lights of reason and blind intelligence.

Reading is a conversation with the most illustrious men of past centuries.

It would be absurd that we, who are finite, try to determine infinite things.

The joy that is born of good is serious, while that which is born of evil is accompanied by laughter and teasing.

To investigate the truth it is necessary to doubt, as far as possible, of all things.

Even a false joy is usually preferable to a true sadness.

The main perfection of man is to have free will, which is what makes him worthy of praise or censorship.

To improve our knowledge we must learn less and contemplate more.

Our idea of ​​God implies the necessary and eternal existence. Therefore, the manifest conclusion is that God exists.

The greatest souls are capable of the greatest vices, as of the greatest virtues.

Mathematics is the science of order and measure, of beautiful chains of reasoning, all simple and easy.

To improve our knowledge we must learn less and contemplate more.

Never admit anything as truth without knowing with evidence that it was; that is, to carefully avoid precipitation and prevention, and not admit in my judgments anything other than what is presented so clearly and distinctively to my spirit, that I had no reason to question it.

It is not enough to have good wit; The main thing is to apply it well.

My goal is not to teach the method that everyone should follow to use their reason well, but only to show how I have tried to use mine well.

Think before you act and do not start anything without having thoroughly consulted the circumstances.

Everything complex can be divided into simple parts.

Get rid of all the impressions of the senses and the imagination, and do not trust but reason.

Not being useful to anyone is equivalent to not being worth anything.

When you spend too much time traveling, you eventually become a foreigner in your own country.

We harbor a multitude of prejudices if we do not decide to doubt, ever, of all the things in which we find the least suspicion of uncertainty.

Nature abhors a vacuum.

The trips serve to know the customs of the different towns and to shed the prejudice that only in one's own country can one live in the way in which one is accustomed.

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