Teenagers. Neither victims nor executioners

Teenagers. Neither victims nor executioners

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The education received by teenagers It depends on the way in which we adults see them, on the social and intimate construction that we make of adolescence as a concept and of our young people as reality. In addition, the way we see teenagers and, consequently, the treatment we offer them, influences them in the way they see themselves, and not least, in the way they perceive the world of adults. This is not an article about teenagers, but about how adults interact with them. It is about us.


  • 1 Adolescence, an evolutionary process
  • 2 The construction of adolescent identity
  • 3 The need for adolescent self-realization

Adolescence, an evolutionary process

Adolescence is an evolutionary process but also a social reality with which we interact in everyday life, and it is "annoying" because it violates our rules; his way of living emotions, his ability to question and discuss the indisputable, mood instability and many other things, pose a threat to adults; They move and question what we have learned not to touch. This propitiates a posture before adolescence which gives them a social role based on what happens to us; It is no accident to understand adolescence as problematic and undisciplined and relate to it from authority control. We are trying to meet our needs. We have a debt that encourages us to look at adolescence from its reality and not from what it implies to ours.

The construction of adolescent identity

The fundamental psychosocial process in adolescence is the identity construction, much of what they do is an affirmation that they exist and an essay on ways of being and being. A training that takes place on stage that adults, actively or negligently, we offer. This transit implies a series of complex manifestations that, although provisional, require a follow-up and almost always an external regulation. While remaining a healthy and natural process. Let us use physical changes in pregnancy as a parallel example, sometimes they happen kindly and sometimes with serious complications, but medical follow-up is always recommended to help the changes develop in the most appropriate way. In this case we find it easier to have a medium-term vision to understand as provisional and useful a reality that can be complex and annoying. It seems more obvious how to accompany this change from the outside. We do not let "things happen alone", but we do not understand that what happens is "pathological" nor do we intend to happen otherwise. We simply do what is necessary.

The need for self-realization of adolescents

Teens need self-realization and autonomy, to personalize and develop an identity, They also need to socialize to build an emotional and social reference from which to relate to themselves and others. They also demand emotional consistency or security, that is, the possibility of projecting themselves in the present and in a meaningful future. Adolescence requires an appropriate scenario where you can choose your own goals and develop ways to access them, feel control and ability; spaces and formats for peer relationships, social and family roles that give them an identity, that allow them to shine and reaffirm, in the present and in the medium term.

We can provide the conditions for them to do their process in the best possible way, but for this we have to allow them to occupy a place in our reality and, this is the problem, accept adolescence, not deny it or judge it. Dedicate the necessary time and space, even if it "bothers" us in the management and enjoy the life we ​​had already built, and that has now changed.


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